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Monday, Dec. 28 Tuesday, Dec. 29 Wednesday, Dec. 30
Abingdon-Avon vs. Canton 9:00am
Illini Central vs. Illini West 10:30am
Lewistown vs. Monmouth-Roseville 1:00pm
Eureka vs. West Hancock 2:30pm
Brown County vs. Illini Bluffs 4:00pm
Farmington vs. Macomb 6:30pm
Liberty vs. Rockridge 8:00pm
Camp Pt. Central vs. Pittsfield 9:30pm
Illini Central vs. Abingdon-Avon 9:00am
Eureka vs. Lewistown 10:30am
Macomb vs. Brown County 1:00pm
Camp Pt. Central vs. Liberty 2:30pm
Illini West vs. Canton 5:00pm
West Hancock vs. Monmouth-Roseville 6:30pm
Farmington vs. Illini Bluffs 8:00pm
Pittsfield vs. Rockridge 9:30pm
Lewistown vs. Abingdon-Avon 9:00am
Camp Point Central vs. Macomb 10:30am
Monmouth-Roseville vs. Illini West 9:00am
Rockridge vs. Illini Bluffs 10:30am
West Hancock vs. Canton 1:00pm
Pittsfield vs. Farmington 2:30pm
Camp Point Central vs. Abingdon-Avon 5:00pm
Illini Bluffs vs. Illini West 6:30pm
Farmington vs. West Hancock 8:00pm
Pittsfield vs. Canton 9:30pm
Daily Sessions:
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 1 @ MHS

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